Women in History - Making a Mark in Industry

Saturday, May 26, 2012
The contributions women have made throughout history are many as they are varied. Celebrating women's history month involves celebrating remarkable women such as Roxanne Wilson, Twanda Joseph, Dr. Leslie Dauphin, Chip Hurd, and Joy Enriquez all of whom excel while maintaining various roles in business, science, television, and music.


Among other characteristics, Roxanne Wilson is described by Donald Trump as "very, very smart," brilliant, a good speaker, and very impressive. Wilson was the first African American woman to make it to the final four during season five of NBC's, The Apprentice.

Intelligence, ambition, and congeniality are traits that enabled Wilson to secure a spot on the show. Along with the ability to lead and counsel, these same traits contribute to Wilson's success as an appellate attorney, business owner, television host, speaker, and author.

Wilson is proof that perseverance pays. "If you never try, you won't ever fail, but you won't succeed either," she advises.

As an author, speaker, trainer, and talk show host, Twanda Joseph is positioned to transform the workplace in a meaningful and creative way. A former Arthur Andersen employee, Joseph's career took a drastic turn when the firm was indicted for its involvement in the Enron accounting scandal. Even though the Andersen scandal cast a shadow on her career, Joseph chose to turn tragedy into triumph. In 2002, Joseph formed WiseEffects to address challenges employees face in corporate America.

WiseEffects is a professional services firm whose mission is to "use multiple communication channels to connect employees with wisdom for the workplace."

In addition to hosting radio and television broadcasts, Joseph serves as a facilitator for seminars on diversity, change management, conflict resolution, and communication.


Dr. Leslie Ann Dauphin is a scientist, lecturer, and public speaker. Dauphin is also a columnist for a number of notable publications and the author of The Germ Handbook--a self-help guide to avoiding infectious diseases.

Since 2002, Dauphin has served as a microbiologist for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Her research contributions to public health have been presented and published at scientific conferences in the U.S. and abroad.

Dauphin is a native of Detroit, Michigan, a wife, and mother. She is lauded for her service in the U.S. Army as well as her role as a teacher and mentor of youth and young adults.


Chip Hurd is known best for portraying Penny Gordon's mother on the 70's sitcom, Good Times. She is also the mother of daughters, Kim and Alexis Fields.

An accomplished actress, Hurd has more than 10 years of experience on stage, in film and television. Among her credits, Hurd has directed sitcoms, All of Us, Girlfriends, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Hannah Montana, Living Single, One on One, and The Parkers. Her current role entails being a dialogue coach for comedians, athletes, recording artists and other entertainers.

To date, Hurd's most fulfilling role is serving as senior director for Inspired By Media Group's breakthrough audio production, The Bible Experience. Hurd describes the role as "one of the most extraordinary blessings God has bestowed upon [her]."


Recording artist and founder of Joyful Child Records, Joy Enriquez is an entertainment industry veteran. Debuting at age 15 on CBS' Star Search, Enriquez garnered an impressive 11 consecutive wins in the female vocalist category while on the show. At 18, Enriquez released her first album on LaFace Records.

A spokes model for L'Oreal and voice talent, Enriquez is best known for her role on Warner Brother's hit television series, 7th Heaven.

In addition to her passion for making a 'joyful sound', with husband and super producer, Rodney Jerkins, Enriquez mentors young women who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, addictions, depression, eating disorders, and unplanned pregnancy.

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